About the Secretariat


Mayday Multimedia is an independent multimedia collective composed of artists committed to the struggle for the free exercise of labor rights. We work with people’s organizations and unions to produce audio-visual works that give an accurate and compelling picture of the situation and struggles of Filipino workers. Previously known as Mayday Productions, the group started in 2004 as the video production unit or multimedia program of EILER (Ecumenical Institute for Labor Education and Research, Inc.), an independent pro-worker think-tank. In 2009, the group’s name was changed to Mayday Multimedia and we expanded our work to include graphics and sound design.

Mayday Multimedia is known for socially relevant works such as Sa Ngalan ng Tubo, Ka Bel, Pagbawi sa Luisita, Kuwentong Obrero, and Piyon, among others.

Mayday’s Executive Director King Catoy was one of the  filmmakers who spearheaded Rights, the initiative on Public Service Announcements depicting the human rights situation in the country.


It was to fill the gap between committed journalism and the Filipino masses that Pinoy Weekly was established in 2002. A tabloid written in the Filipino language and published weekly, Pinoy Weekly produced news, feature, investigative stories on the issues of the most marginalized sectors of Philippine society. In 2008, Pinoy Weekly led the establishment of PinoyMedia Center, a non-profit organization dedicated to democratizing the practice of Philippine journalism through its programs on grassroots media development, information for advocacy, and public and media engagement.

Its Board of Directors are composed of National Artist for Literature Bienvenido Lumbera; acclaimed playwright Bonifacio Ilagan; cultural critic, Pinoy Weekly columnist, and UP College of Mass Communication Dean Rolando Tolentino; veteran journalist and former UP Masscom Dean Luis Teodoro; veteran photojournalist Leo Esclanda; and Pinoy Weekly editors Ilang-Ilang Quijano (also director of the National Union of Journalists of the Philippines and fellow of the Konrad Adenauer Asian Center for Journalism) and long-time alternative media practitioner Kenneth Roland Guda.

Its latest activities include the “Documenting the Marginalized” series and communication and media skills training for youth, workers, urban poor, church, and children’s organizations. It continues to publish Pinoy Weekly Online on a regular basis, as well as special print issues of Pinoy Weekly, Pinoy Weekly Mindanao, and Pinoy Weekly Japan.


Mag-iwan ng Tugon

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